Tessellations (Fourth Grade)

    Fourth Grade

    A Tessellation is a two dimensional design using the repetition of a shape (or shapes) with no overlaps and no gaps in between them.  Tessellations often appeared in the work of M.C. Escher (Click here to see a sample of his work).  The fourth grade students spent some time studying some of this artist's work as well as the work of former Hilton students and then they began the process of creating their own tessellation designs.

    The process itself was somewhat complicated.  The most challenging task the students faced was creating a tag-board stencil (A process that is too difficult for me to describe in words alone).  After creating the stencil, the students traced it over and over again all over the surface of a sheet of white paper.  After this the students had to make their shape look like something by adding details to all the shapes on their paper.  After that, the students applied color to their work with crayons and colored pencils.

    Note: This lesson was also a project for our annual Art To Remember event. 

    Below are some samples of tessellations created by this year's fourth graders.