• Special needs in communication can significantly affect a student's ability to learn. Therefore, speech and language therapists play an important role in the education process.

    In Brighton Area Schools, speech and language therapists work within the education team to determine educational needs and programs for students with special needs in communication. 
    The speech and language pathologist's role includes: diagnosing speech and language impairments, communication disabilities and eating, drinking, and swallowing disabilities. They work with students who have emerging language skills and consult with classroom teachers to support language and communication across the curriculum.
    We know that communication begins at birth, occurs between people, requires complex abilities, is an integral part of the learning process, and applies to ALL areas of the curriculum. Deficits in communication, including speech, language, voice, ad fluency can affect a student's learning, interactions with other children and adults, participation in activities, self-esteem, and behavior.

Speech & Language Therapists

  • Brighton High School, The Bridge Alternative High School
  • Hawkins Elementary School
  • Hawkins Elementary School, Hilton Elementary School
  • Hilton Elementary School
  • Hornung Elementary School, Maltby Intermediate School
  • Hornung Elementary School, Miller Intergenerational Center
  • Maltby Intermediate School
  • Maltby Intermediate School, Scranton Middle School
  • Miller Intergenerational Center
  • Spencer Elementary School
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