Weekly Spelling Words

  • The Brighton Area Schools has adopted the Wordsmith Spelling Program.  This program connects spelling and writing to word study. It is also a continuation of the program used in First Grade.  In Level 2 Wordsmith, students will solidify their knowledge of the basic phonetic code and study the spelling patterns of all twenty-five concepts. The emphasis will be on multi-syllabic words as they relate to each concept. We will spend 30-40 minutes each day focusing on the continued development of sight word vocabulary, phonetic concepts, and decoding skills using these two programs.

     On Monday, families will receive a Spelling/Word Work packet with activities to work on all week at home.  These activities are considered “homework”, but are not returned to the classroom.  They are activities intended for you to do at home in preparation for our test on Friday. Tests include ten of the weekly Wordsmith words and two sentences containing five of the Wordsmith words that were introduced and one word that follows the spelling pattern of the lesson but is not one of the words introduced earlier.

    The links below will provide you with the concept and list of words that we will be focusing on each week beginning on Sept. 17.



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