• School Closing Procedures

    Brighton Area Schools uses an automated telephone notification system, In-Touch, to inform families and staff of school cancellations. The notifications begin as soon as we know of the cancellation, to ensure that families have ample opportunity to plan for their alternative schedules. These notifications can begin as early as 4:30 A.M. Some additional In-Touch details:

    • All cancellations will involve both a simultaneous telephone notification and email message.
    • An audible response to the call is required. Simply saying ‘hello’ or some other response into the telephone engages the automated message delivery. Otherwise, the system does not know to begin the message. If there is no response to the telephone notification, the system will make two additional call attempts to your number. Also, if you do not answer the call, the system is capable of leaving a message on your answering machine or voicemail.

    If a telephone call does not reach you during a cancellation, please logon to ParentConnect to verify your ‘Primary Phone’ contact information is correct, and notify your student’s building secretary if an update is needed. 

    Other school closing information is available via the outlets listed below, please do not call school buildings or the Transportation Department.