Spelling Words

    Monday: Spelling words are written in Student Planner
    Tuesday: Study at home
    W/TH:Study at home
    Friday:Homework is due & Test is administered
    *Spelling tests are returned the following week (with percentages).

    You will notice that these words and concepts are repeated throughout the 27 Units of this spelling program. I strongly encourage you to work with your child at home in practicing these words. The Concept refers to the Take-Home Task (homework) which will also be on the Friday test. 

    BONUS WORDS: These (5-7) words are optional. Yet, I strongly encourage all children to try these words. Bonus words will be written on the back of your child's Spelling Test. These words will be related to the 2nd grade curriculum or F.A.S.T.

    Ways to practice at home:
    ~ Write words 5 times
    ~ Write words in sand/shaving cream/Cool Whip/pudding
    ~ Make words with Play-Doh
    ~ Make flashcards for each word
    ~ Use magnetic letters
    ~ Touch letters as they are spelled aloud
    ~ Look/Cover/Write word
    ~ Alphabetize words
    ~ Rainbow Words: Trace several times using different colors
    ~ Play Bingo
    ~ Write words on graph paper: 1 letter per box
    ~ Make a Word Search or Crossword
    ~ Sort words and explain how they are divided
    ~ Write words inside Planner on lines provided

    ~ UNIT CONCEPTS: Search the web for worksheets to do at home.

    Spelling Words and Concepts

    UNIT #1 Concept: Letters make words
    is    you    at    what    when
    we    there     can        an    your

    UNIT #2 Concept: Short vowels: a/e/i/o/u
    they   at      this   were   there
    which    their     said    if      do

    UNIT #3 Concept: Sounds spelled ou/ow
    and      with   this   what   your
    will   each    about    how   up

    UNIT #4 Concept: Sounds spelled ch/sh/ch/wh
    were   when   there   their   said
    out   them   then  she   many

    UNIT #5 Concept: Silent letters in words
    have   when   there   their   then
    some   so   these   would   other

    UNIT #6 Concept: Homophones (to/two/too)
    to   they   there   many   other
    into   has   more   her   two

    UNIT #7 Concepts: Adding -s -ed -ing
    are   this   from   have   not   time
    your   would   like   him   see   could

    UNIT #8 Concept: Opposite word meanings (tall/short)
    but    all    were    there   their   first
    how   could   no   make   than    been

    UNIT #9 Concept: Adding -s -ed -ing
    there    their    said    then    some   people
    than     first      its      who     now    my
    UNIT #10 Concept: Proofreading words
    many    would    could    than    first     only
    its    my   made   over   did    down  
    UNIT #11 Concept: Long a sound (ai) (ay) (a-consonant-e)
    are    there    their    more    make    may
    its     people   way    find       use     water
    UNIT #12 Concept: Adding -es   -ed    -ing
    with   each    about     many    first    after
    people    down    long    little    very     words

    UNIT #13 Concept: Silent letters
    from   your    out    then    than    most
    little   after    called    just    where   know
    UNIT #14 Concept: Sound ck/k
    they    have    what   which    been
    now     use    little   called    get
    through     back    much    go

    UNIT #15 Concept: Homophones 
    as    they    when    their    two    new   write
    like    people    use    words    good    our    me
    UNIT #16 Concept: Compound words (row+boat= rowboat)
    to    that    have    then    could    too    any   same 
    make    called    know    write    man    day 
    UNIT #17: Concept: Spelling patterns
    are     as     one    were     there
    their    these     down    through    right
    look    think     also    around

    UNIT #18 Concept: Sounds spelled ch/sh/th/wh
    what    there    then    many    time
    first    little    new    around    another
    came    come     work    three

    UNIT #19 Concept: Contractions (what + is = what's)
    your    their    how   many   these   because    does
    people    through   much   also   must    part     even
    UNIT #20 Concept: Spelling s/c k/c
    there     each    more    make     water   well    such
    around    three    must    even    place    here    take
    UNIT #21 Concept: Putting words in A-B-C Order
    are    there    about   only   way  away
    find    use    too   think   because
    here    why    help    put   different
    UNIT #22 Concept: Contractions
    were   when   which   many   time
    very   where   new   our   also   number
    take   again   off   went   old   their
    UNIT #23 Concept: Singular/Plural
    they     their   would   very   after   small
    most    through   think   around    help
    different    great   tell   men   say
    UNIT #24 Concept: Long vowels a/e/i/o/u
    with    have   what   when   there   name
    then    could   its   where   place
    went   every     found   still   between

    UNIT #25 Concept: Suffix s/es/ing
    they    their   there   these   other   air
    people   because   such   different   between
    name   should   home   big   give
    UNIT #26 Concept: Surprise Words
    they   there   their   these   who   read
    people   much   right   even   every
    found   line   set   own   under
    UNIT #27 Concept: Compound Words
    are    have    but   other   people   end
    find    use   know   our   place
    number   last   never   us   left