Snack Guidelines

  • Community Snack

        Every afternoon we will enjoy a community snack (a snack to share brought one of our Otter Friends). The children will be eating snack “family style” with a small group during our Choice Time. Families will sign up to provide snack about once a month.  Please refer to the following guidelines:

    Bread and Spread: Feel free to be creative! Small bagels or firmer bread make it easier for the children to spread on their topping.

    Fruit:  Any fruit---small apples, small bunches of grapes, ½ banana, clementines or fruit salad.

    Cheese and Crackers: A large box of crackers and sliced cheese allows children to count and make a variety of combinations.  String cheese can be a choice also.

    Vegetables and Dip: Please wash and cut your child’s choice of vegetables and one container of dip.  Maybe include one vegetable your child likes and then 1-2 others.

    Homemade Cookies or Muffins:  Involve your child in the baking process, if possible.  Plan on 1 per child, unless they are small, then 2 are plenty.

    Birthday Treats 

    Your child may bring in a special treat for his/her birthday.  Please send them with your child or deliver them at the beginning of the school day. Treats: You may bring in cupcakes, if you are willing to stay and help clean up. Other suggestions:  cookies, muffins, rice crispie treats, brownies, ice cream cups.  On our monthly calendar, I will fill in your child's birthday or the day closest to it.