Every Day Math

  • Dear Families,

         Welcome to Pre-Kindergarten Everyday Mathematics, which begins a Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 6 curriculum created by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project. This program is based on research and experience that shows that young children are naturally inclined to explore mathematics, and that they benefit from exposure to mathematical concepts when the concepts are presented and explored over time, in age-appropriate ways.

    Pre-Kindergarten Everyday Mathematics embeds mathematics into the daily life of the classroom and builds on the mathematics that emerges naturally from children’s play. This integrated, ongoing approach helps children develop a strong foundation based on experience and understanding.

    The hands-on, playful mathematics activities that make up Pre-Kindergarten Everyday Mathematics are designed to help children explore a range of mathematical topics, including counting, number concepts, operations, graphing, measurement, shapes, position and spatial relationships, and patterns and sorting.

    Ongoing classroom routines, such as helping with attendance and using a simple calendar, give children real-life opportunities to develop and refine a variety of mathematics skills and become independent “math thinkers”. A variety of school/home connections suggest ways for you to support your child’s mathematics learning with activities at home.

         As children participate in Pre-Kindergarten Everyday Mathematics, they will find that mathematics is useful, enjoyable, varied, and meaningful. Just as telling stories and reading books to children helps foster a love of reading, your involvement in your child’s ongoing mathematics experiences will help him or her develop lasting excitement, confidence, and competence in math!