• Math

    In 6th grade we will continue working with Everyday Mathematics.  Typically, we will complete 1 lesson a day.  Reviews will be given in class prior to tests, though I encourage students to also look through their journals and online resources at home to study before tests are given.  Tests are broken up into learning targets (focusing on individual concepts such as multiplying fractions). There are usually two tests per unit that each assess 2-3 learning targets.

    Expect to have 1 homework assignment nightly in the form of a Home Link.  Home Links are given in packets at the beginning of each unit and serve as at home practice for new concepts learned on the day they are assigned as homework.

    If students are in need of extra help at home, I encourage them to visit an online resource. My top recommendation for this is Khan Academy.  During the first or second week of school, we will create student accounts for Khan Academy.

    Should students forget their Home Link packet, they can access it through their Clever portal or via the links provided in the Homework Resources tab on this page.


    Test Retake Information

    Students can retake individual learning targets up to 2 times should they wish to improve their score on that target.  Students may retake targets up until the next unit's testing has concluded.  I recommend that students try to plan to use FLEX time to retake learning targets.

    In order to retake a learning target(s), students must first correct the mistakes that they made on their original test using a math corrections sheet.  These are available in hardcopy in my classroom or on Google Classroom.  On the day that they wish to retake their test, the student must turn in their original test and their completed corrections sheet to me to be given a retake test.



    Grade Breakdown

    Assignments in math are graded as follows:

    Tests: 80%

    Homework: 10%

    Imagine Math: 10%