• Standards Based Grading Information


    This year 6th grade will be practicing Standards based grading in math. This is a style of teaching/grading designed to give students more directed feedback about their comprehension in specific learning targets. Students will better know the areas that they have performed well in and areas that need improvement. The following outlines how this grading system operates and what students can expect:


    1. For each unit, students will receive a list of learning targets in the form of a self-assessment that are written in student friendly language. These targets specify the key concepts that students must master in each unit. Lessons will focus on these learning targets and students will know the learning target that the activity/lesson addresses.  Students will be assessed throughout the unit to see how they are doing on their targets. This information will provide feedback to the teacher and student on the progress being made and where to go next.


    1. At the end of each unit students will be assessed on their understanding of the learning targets. Each unit assessment will be planned out so that each target is assessed an appropriate amount and in an appropriate way. The assessment will be scored and students will receive a report that indicates their performance on each of the targets (an example from the Unit 1 Assessment is copied on the back of this sheet).


    1. After receiving feedback on their performance, students will have an opportunity (about a week later) to retake a new version of the assessment. This second opportunity will allow students to show if there has been an improvement in their understanding of individual learning targets they initially had trouble with. If students show an improvement on their learning target performance, their grade will go up accordingly. If they don’t show improvement, their grade remains the same. There is no penalty for taking longer to demonstrate competency of a learning target.


    1. A student who still does not demonstrate acceptable understanding can request help with the learning target from the teacher. Students will be allowed to retake different versions of the assessment several times to show increased understanding. They may retake a previous assessment up until new unit assessments are given. It is the student’s responsibility to create time (lunch/recess time) to retake assessments after the first opportunity is given.


    1. Due the ability to retake different versions of tests multiple times, tests and quizzes will be worth 100% (actually 99.9%) of your student’s grade in math this year. Homework will still be recorded in the grade book as a means to show that students are actively practicing new skills but it will have no weight (0.01%). 


    Journal Workbook and Home Links...

            These are graded as formative assessments. Because they are for practice, they do not         

    count towards the final grade. You will see one of the following grades in the gradebook,          giving you an idea of how complete the work was at the time it was collected.


                      2 - complete

                      1 - incomplete/not finished

                      Blank (no grade) - not turned in or work/pages completely blank