Fantasy Book Club Blogs

  • Click on the following link:

    Directions on how to begin a blogging session…

    1. Login to your student gmail account.

    1. Go to Maltby Intermediate School’s homepage. Click on Teacher Websites tab on the left side of the screen.

    1. Click on Mrs. Lemerand’s name.

    1. Click on Fantasy Book Club Blog tab on the left side of the screen. Once you click on that tab Fantasy Book Club Blog GROUPS will show up.

    1. Scroll to locate your group by book title & group #.

    1. Once you are ready to blog, click on the link above & then locate your group & start blogging. Click on no comment/comments (highlighted in blue) to type a response/comment.

    1. Type your comment/response & then click publish. It may ask you to create a profile need to click on Blogger Profile & then type in your first name & click continue to blogger.

    1. It will ask you to type in a code to verify that you are not a robot (you may have to do this every time you publish/submit a comment/response.

    1. need at least a total of 3 comments/responses for each session of blogging. Achieve this by responding to Mrs. Lemerand’s post first, then respond to at least 2 group members’ comments/responses by clicking on reply (this is located below the person’s typed comment...this will create a chain & a gray box may appear highlighting your feedback). Using the reply option will organize your discussion & it will be easier to follow the discussion.

    1. Reminder...refresh your screen a few times throughout your screen time to keep you in “real time” during your blogging sessions.