Need Help & Helpful Tips

  • Helpful tips...
    • Use the following browsers...Mozilla Firefox & Chrome (if you don't have Chrome you can download it for free)
    • DON'T USE Internet Explorer or Safari
    • ALWAYS log into your gmail account first...if you don't you will lose your work :(
    • If you are worried about losing your work, open up a Word Document & then copy & paste it into your response/comment then publish it.
    • Your gmail account info is very case-sensitive, be careful when typing it in.

    If you are having problems try out the following...
    • Once you type in your gmail account info...a page may pop-up called Welcome To Your New Account...just click on I accept & continue.
    • When you publish & then a page called Blogger pops-up, just choose Blogger Profile & then type in your first name & click on continue to blogger.