Ideas for being successful in school - success

  • Brainstorming Ideas for Being Successful in Middle School

    created  by middle school students


    Do Homework (HW)

    Turn HW in

    Make Due Dates (turn hw in on time)

    Have extra school supplies

    Learn to take notes

    Don’t stress

    Don’t do drugs

    Be mature

    Don’t bug people

    Be prepared

    Use planner

    Be organized

    Write down what teacher says

    Study for tests

    Make time to study

    Be responsible

    No hitting

    Keep on top of grades

    Talk to teachers about bad grades

    Ask for help

    Don’t make excuses for not doing HW

    Make school a priority

    Try your hardest

    No hitting

    Know your friends

    Help others

    Be happy

    Get good sleep

    Stay Healthy

    Eat a good breakfast

    Be respectful

    Figure out how to handle stress

    Know difference between tattle-tailing & reporting

    Learn how to deal with teachers and peers you don’t like

    Figure out how to deal, when others hurt your feelings

    Figure out how to know when people are your friends

    Learn how to manage trauma

    Control your anger

    Stay out of drama

    Make sure you’re hangin’ with good crowd

     Make good friend choices

    Don’t give into peer pressure

    Don’t get facebook

    Act mature around girls/boys

    Figure out how to deal with mean lies/jokes

    Be nice & friendly to everyone even if they’re not in your “click”

    Don’t judge people

    Figure out how to deal with gossip…what do you say

    If you don’t want to be talked about, don’t spread gossip & rumors.