Class Supply List - All Optional

  • Hello Families,

    I know that we all like to buy our supplies when we can get the items during the back to school sales.  Please note, this is an optional list of things that will be used and shared during our year of being on Team Tulley - 3rd grade  (this is not an all third grade supply list).

    Thank you for bringing in for your student the supplies that you can.  You will also receive this in a letter nearing the start of the school year once class lists have been assigned.

    Our classroom has tables as there is a great deal of research to support that third grade students still benefit a great deal from collaboration and working together.  Students will share many supplies that are sent in, in the spirit of team-work and collaboration.  No pencil boxes please.  Each child will have their own space in a locker that they will share in the event that they need to have something "special" in there for the occasional use.

    Kacey Tulley
    Third Grade Teacher Brighton Area Schools

    2 spiral notebooks - college ruled
    (one for note taking in science and social studies and one for math workshop)

    2 composition books
    (used for Learning Journals in our Reading Workshop)

    1 package of TWIST colored pencils
    (these will be shared at each table team when project need)

    Colored BIC pens for revision and editing work

    1 inch three ring binder (plain navy or black please)

    1 box of Kleenex

    1 paper towel roll

    1 container of Clorox (or any brand) of wipes
    ** these three things are so hand in keeping the germs down in our room**

    4 boxes of Ticonderoga pencils to be shared and used in our classroom

    4 sticky note pads (any color is fine and any brand is also fine)

    1 pair of child scissors

    Bic Color Pen to be used for correcting
    (these will all be kept in one area of the room for using when we correct, edit, or revise our work)

    1 orange (research writing)
    1 purple ( poetry)
    1 white (biography research)
    1 folder of any color for science work

    *the school provides many folders, but we do use a lot as a way to help teach organizational skills*

    Again, thank you for all that you do for your child to help them have the best school year ever!

    Happy Shopping,