Big Word of the Week

  • As I teach I have noticed myself, co-workers and parents using "big" words with our young Second Graders.  I stepped back one night after a conversation between myself, a parent and a learner and wondered, "Did this child even have the vocabulary to understand what we were expecting of them?  Did they understand the '50cent' piece words were using like "responsible" "unique" "creative"?  Sometimes I wonder if we as adults really know what these words mean, which is what has led me to introduce something into the classroom that the children and I call our, "Big Word of the Week."  
    It is through this that I am able to introduce higher level vocabulary that is used throughout the curriculum and academic school day and explain it in "Second Grade Language." 

    By doing this, I am able to pre-teach higher level vocabulary that I know our learners are going to need not only in Second and Third Grade, but all through life.  
    The children and I keep track of our "Big Word of the Week" in our agendas and I use the word as often as I can during the week of it's focus.  One may be surprised just how often this word can be touched upon and of course then I am sure you are NOT surprised by how often then our students appropriately use this word the remainder of the school year.

    By checking this page every so often you will be able to keep yourself up to date on the vocabulary that has been introduced in the classroom and you can reinforce their correct usage in the home.

    When the kids hear these words both in school and in home they will truely understand just how important these words are for them to know and use appropriately.

    Thanks in helping to support the building of our little one's Big vocabulary.