Big Words

  • Unique
    Unique is when something or someone has qualities that are special to just that one thing or person.

    Fluent readers sound smooth when they read.  Fluent readers attend to punctuation.

    You want to know about all sorts of different things.

    Something you read
    (This does not just have to be a book though it most often is thought of in this way.  Text can be reading a billboard, a person, a magazine, road signs etc.)

    Willing to change when necessary

    When you go over something you have done or learned again and again.

    Schema is what we know

    Respect is when we care and love each other

    When people work together to accomplish a goal

    Someone can see your behaviors
    (Like in reading when you use your pointer finger or make movements with your mouth.)

    Skills that are thought about and used in ones mind
    (Like thinking about the magic e rule and then silently applying that rule.)

    When I take what I know and work for the entire working time allowed.  I try to build my stamina by practicing a little bit on a skill each day.
    *Research shows that 2nd grade students should be able to read approximately 3/4 to 1 page of text per minute. *

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