Reading Workshop

  • Reading Bags Come Home Nightly

    Book bags are coming home with your child daily.  Please make sure that these books are coming home nightly and make sure to send them back to school the next day.

    The Reading Logs can be found at the bottom of this page to download in the event your family needs an additional copy.  There are extra copies of the weekly "just right" form that the kids can pick up at the school.  These extra copies can be found in our Classroom Library.  

    Happy Reading,
    Mrs. Tulley

    What is Reading Workshop?
    Reader's Workshop is an instructional model that is implemented daily in order to allow children to read books at their "just right" level as they practice reading strategies and behaviors taught.
    Students are explicitly taught reading strategies and behaviors in what is referred to as the mini-lesson.  After the mini-lesson students are released and allowed to develop these skills while reading appropriate books that spark their interests independently, with peers, in small groups and while working one on one with me.

    There are seven important strategies that readers must be able to apply to text in order to be able to not only read, but understand the text's content.
    The seven strategies are:
    1.  Making Connections
    text to text / text to self / text to world
    2.  Making Mental Images
    3.  Asking Questions
    4.  Determining What is Important
    5. Synthesizing
    6.  Making Inferences / Drawing Conclusions
    7.  Monitoring their own Comprehension

    Strategies for decoding are also taught during the reading workshop mini-lesson.
    Such decoding skills are (but are not limited to):
    1.  Looking for smaller words inside bigger words.
    2.  Chunking words and looking for known word parts.
    3.  Blending sounds together.
    4.  Reading entirely through words.
    5.  Reading for fluency.
    6.  Getting ones mouth ready to say the word.
    7.  When you come to a word that is giving you a problem go back to the beginning of the sentence to get a running start and try the word again.
    8.  Reading has to look right, sound right and make sense.


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