Book Categories and Themes - How we organize our thinking about what we read.

  • There are many ways to organize our thinking about the books we read.

    When we start our year we group the books we read to help better support the concepts we are beginning to teach.  For example, in our Writing Workshop be start the year by writing stories known as Small Moments and of course then read tons of Small Moment books.  In order for our young authors to be reminded of what this style of writing looks like I keep up printed copies of the book covers that fall under the category, Small Moments up in our room for them to reference.  We can then refer back to these books all year to be reminded of what a Small Moment story looks and sounds like.
    Categories can be very flexible and match exactly what has been taught in the year.  
    Our students can, at a glance, be reminded of different categories studied as well as vocabulary connected to each individual category.

    Attached you will find just some of the categories that we will be using in our classroom this year.  I have thought carefully of not only the words, but of how the font is displayed for our beginning reader's eye's.  The language on each of the posters is exactly what I have said in the classroom and by using the same language at home our children will not be confused and that home-to-school connection will just be strengthened.

    Happy Thinking,
    Mrs. Tulley

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