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    Reading and learning how to read is not what it used to be!  Today is such an exciting time to be a student and learning how to read and most importantly, thinking about ones reading!

    Your child comes home with "just right" books and reads from "just right" book from their book bins daily.  

    What are these you might be wondering?

    These are books that have been given an A - Z level that your child has been matched up with.  Each child will developmentally move through these levels as they learn strategies, create meaning, monitor their meaning, and record their thinking and evidence from texts.  It is no longer enough to just read stories (though there is a time and a place to just enjoy reading - I promise) we need to be taking this 20 - 30 minutes each night with our child to really help them develop life long reading and thinking skills.

    There are so many skills, strategies, and behaviors to teach at each level.  I have attached documents to support your child and their level.  Remember, many of these strategies are strategies to be grown over a lifetime of thinking about texts, their purposes, and messages.  Some will not be mastered in second grade because once you think you've got it, a text structure may change that throws you a bit.  Keep in mind, these are spiraling and not only will we continue to develop these skills in second grade, but these will be grown all throughout their schooling!
    I encourage you to encourage your child to take their time through levels and to not feel as if they need to be rushed through!  Unless you hear a concern from me your child is making progress and developing as a reader and thinker appropriately!
    TAKE YOUR TIME!!  Levels were never meant to be rushed through!

    You will notice your child bringing home "mind maps" that record our thinking from our classroom read alouds from our Read Aloud with Accountable Talk time that happens daily in our classroom.  You can use these "mind maps" to better understand some of the vocabulary that we are teaching students to navigate through texts at a deeper level.  Please know that this vocabulary is "spiraling" and that your child will not only be accountable for this type of thinking and talking about texts in Team Tulley, but all through their schooling career.  I believe you will find that by repeated exposure to these types of inquiry based, open ended reading activities your child will gain reading proficiency skills that truly will last a lifetime!

    ** Independent or Partnership Mind Maps are due weekly (on Fridays) ** 

    You should begin seeing these come home with notes attached that verify or question the thinking presented.  
    You may also see a note come home that says your child DID NOT complete a mind map for the week.  You can discuss this with your child and could complete thinking about a text with your child at home.  Some readers need more than one week to properly work through a text so if you do not see something do not be alarmed, ask your child what kind of "mind map" they are working on during Reading Workshop!
    (Some mind maps will be downloadable from this site - others your child can help you create from what they know of our work in the classroom - OR you can create something that matches the individual text you and your child work on together.)

    Enjoy every reading and talking opportunity ~ lap time is a precious treasure!

    Happy Reading,
    Mrs. Tulley

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