Light and Sound

  • Light and Sound 


    First, listen carefully to the world around you.  Haven't you ever wondered what the science behind what it is that we hear is?  I've always "heard" people speak of these sound waves....but I've certainly never looked out, watched a bird chirp, and seen any waves come out of their mouths?????  

    So what does this mean?  We will explore what are these 'sound waves' and what it is that allows sound to travel and for us to 'hear' it.


    I think one of the most amazing views, out in nature, is to look up after a rain storm and to see a prism..... I mean a rainbow!  Have you ever wondered what it is that allows us to see the different colors, their hues, and their intensity through the use of our eyes?  We will explore what makes up light, how light travels, and how we see what it is that we see when we open our eyes!