Classroom Management

  • Classroom Management

    All students desire to be taught in a safe environment where their ideas can be nurtured.  
    Ideas that turn into amazing actions and knowledge gained for a lifetime.

    There are times in any classroom, where many personalities are coming together, that conflict arises.  It is our desire in Team Tulley, to honor everyone's ability to not only be safe, but feel that they can safely record problems that arise as a part of advocating for their self and for resolution of problems.  
    This is a sheet to record such problems in order to have them documented and viewed by not only the classroom teacher, but the building Principal as well.

    If a student travels through the 3 warning classroom policy and receives an "I Did" note to be signed by an adult in their home, these will also be collected and turned in to the building Principal.  Thanks for supporting students in their ability to advocate and take ownership of behaviors and incidents during their school days.  

    These notes are only to be done at school.

    Warmly, Mrs. Tulley

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