Science Games

  • Welcome to the Science Game page!  Here you can find links to websites featuring science games, simulations, and interactive quizzes.  Most focus on our topics of study, though some deal with other branches, such as physics, because of the problem solving skills practiced in the game.

    Notice: I have personally play-tested the games listed below.  As with anything on the
                  internet, I cannot be responsible if you wander off to games and sites other than
                  those I have provided.

    * Get all your homework done before playing games! *

    World Energy Resources:

    Energyville  - Manage your own city's energy needs.


    Extreme Planet Makeover - Nasa simulator for changing the variable conditions of planets.


    Make a Quake - Earthquake simulator where you choose the structure, magnitude, etc.
    Rock I.D. Game - Practice your skill at identifying rocks based on pictures and clues provided.

    Hydrology & Oceanography:

    Acid Lake - Instructional simulation about the effects of acid rain.
    Sweetwater Village - Water pollution game where you're the mayor of the town.
    Virtual River - Interactive website that teaches about river discharge and flooding.

    Other Sciences:

    • 3 Slices - gravity, center of gravity, friction, and problem solving.
    • Gravity Master - gravity, center of gravity, friction, and problem solving.
    • Nitrohaul - engineering and problem solving.
    • Wallace's Workshop - engineering and problem solving with Wallace & Grommit.