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  • ASBE Design Challenges

    Goal: ASBE's goal is to provide real world design challenges to students.  In the links below are descriptions of the various design problems.  With each design project a series of files are provided to the student for download.  These files provide a starting point to begin any project.  Layout information is also provided within each design project.
              Creo Reference Video: Setting/Changing Units
              OnShape Reference Tutorial: Setting Default Units per Workspace
    Title Block: Use attached Title Block form for Layout: zip ASBE Title Block 
     NOTE: Title Block should be removed from the zip folder and placed with the design files.  
    Paper Size: D Size

        Layout of all design challenges should include
             - Min. Layout Requirements: Min. of 2 orthographic views, BOM Chart, Isometric of object
             - Assembly/Shop Notes
             - Description of design
              - Views: Orthographic (Multi-Views, Section, Auxiliary, etc.), Pictorial (exploded, assembled partially assembled) or any other type of drawing that conveys the overall scope of the project. 
              - Optional:  Recommend saving copies of the Files as they are modeled/assembled to show how they changed overtime to place on the Layout.
          Design Concept Layout ONLY: Include the following (NOTE: Optional for Engineering Design
              - Sketches showing the Design Process
              - Min. 1 Page Paper Describing the product and design process

    Registration: > Events and News (Top Left Corner) > Select High School Design Challenge  > Scroll down to Register for the Contest > Fillout Registration Form (NOTE: after completing and submitting the form goes to a shopping cart for checkout.  The value of cost will be zero.  There is no cost to this competition.)

    Imported Files
         Reference Video: Import Models
         Reference Video: Converting Imported .step File to Solid Model
         Youtube Video: Converting .STL Files to Part Files
         Reference Video: Converting stl files to Part Files : Youtube Video shows how to import a stl (Facet) Model to a Part File to make it full editable

    Entries will be Judged On:

      •  Creativity of the design
      •  Functionality of the design
      •  Ability to be manufactured
      •  Ability to be assembled
      •  Serviceability? Structural integrity
      •  Fastening and joining methods
      •  Principles of proper engineering drawing; necessary views shown, overall drawing appearance etc.
      •  Materials selected
      • Cost
      •  Safety
      •  Decision of the judges is final

    Reference: Sample Completed Projects

    Former Projects
    ASBE 2017-2018 Truck Step Engineering Design
    ASBE 2017-2018 Hood Badge Design Concept
    ASBE 2019-2021 Hood Scoop Engineering Design
    ASBE 2019-2021 Side Mirror Design Concept
    ASBE 2021-2022 Rear Spoiler Engineering Design
    ASBE 2021-2022 Rear Seat Center Console Design Concept
    ASBE 2022-2023 Lighted Sill Plate
    ASBE 2022-2023 Steering Design Concept


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