Unit 03 CoderZ and Finch

     Coder Z
    Setup and References
    Setup User Account: CoderZ Signup
        Follow the Link CoderZ Signup to create an user account > Select Google Sign In > Use Brightonk12.com email adress to sign in.  
        NOTE CoderZ is an internet based software and can be used anywhere
        Class Code: 
        NOTE: Only select the link above 1 time > After Account is created use CoderZ Website Link Below
    CoderZ Website: coderz.com
    Reference Material: CoderZ Reference Manual
    Navigation Tools
       Coding Area
       1. Left Mouse Button 
                 - Click on on items to select 
                 - Hold Left Button down to drag code around
       2. Right Mouse Button
                 - Creates pull menu of options
       3. Middle Mouse Button (Roll Bar)
                 - Scrolls Screen

       Simulation Area
       1. Left Mouse Button (Nothing)
       2. Right Mouse Button
                  - Rotates Screen
       3. Middle Mouse Button (Roll Bar)
                  - Scroll Away from user = Zoom In
                  - Scroll Towards user = Zoom Out
    CoderZ Assignments
    Cyber Robotics 101
    Complete ALL Activities under each of the following Missions
    1. Getting Started (3 Missions)                
    2. Basic Navigation 1 (9 Missions)            
    3. Basic Navigation 2 (12 Missions)          
    4. Repeat Loops (10 Missions)         
    Cyber Robotics 102
    1. Plain Hills 1                                        
    2. Plain Hills 2
    3. Cruise Control
    4. Dangerous Curves
    5. Dangerouse Curves
    Subission: All work and submissions will be monitored by the teacher via CoderZ Software
    Finch Robot 
    Written Tutorial:   Finch Moves
           Program the Finch with basic manual move commands
    Finch Motors: Run from 100 (Forward) to -100 (Reverse).  
    Forward: Motors should be the same speed. Small compensation may need to be made for the motors if terrain is un-level 
    (I.E Left Motor 50 and Right Motor 46) 

    Turning: Make the robot turn make one motor positive and the other motor negative
    Negative Motor will be the direction of the turn.
    Positive Motor: will move the opposite side of the robot in the direction of turn
    Assignment: Finch Moves Distances Autonmously
    Create Programs that will have the Finch 


    • Create a Video showing the Program(s): 4 Movements and Program above
    • Email Video and Finch Moves Programming code to jourdem@brightonk12.com
    Coder Z
    After Completing Finch Moves Tutorial and Assignment
    Cyber Robotics 101
    1. Obstacle Detection 1 (8 Missions)
    2. Obstacle Detection 2 (10 Missions) 
    Reference Tutorial: Finch Obstacles
    Finch Program 2: Obstacles
       Task: Navigate through a one-directional maze without striking a wall. Moving forward nose is green and stopping nose is red.
       Speed: Max 25
    Setting up a program
    1. Place one wall and have the finch drive up to the wall > sense the wall > stop > backup or turn (choose left or right (does not matter which you choose)
    2. Add a second board in the direction of your first turn.  Have the finch turn towards the board > have the finch sense the new board and make a new turn
    3. Create a small maze to navigate through (S MAZE)
    4.  Create code that will stop the Finch after exiting the maze (NOTE: DO NOT USE number of Terms and a means to exit the maze.) Determine a good way to detrmine how the Finch as exited (I.E Time more than 5 seconds out of the maze)

    a. Retracing the finch's path
    b. Clipping a wall with part or all of the finch
    c. Knocking over a wall
    Consider in the program
    a. When stopping at a wall to back up a small bit to avoid touching a wall
    b. After turning placing  WAIT command to stop and sense what is now in front of the finch
    c. What if one of the left or right sensors is blocked 



    • Create a Video showing the Program(s): 4 Movements and Program above
    • Email Video and Finch Moves Programming code to jourdem@brightonk12.com

    Finch Program Sensors: Light

     Task: Program the Finch to follow a light source.
              We will be using a flashlight and turning off the classroom lights. 


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