Unit 4 Introduction to Lego Robotics

  • Reference: EV3 User Guide

    Reference Tutorial: Image Creator
    Reference Image: EV3 Display Pixels and Array
    Assignment: Story Time

    Directions: In your Group Write a program that will do the following.

    Program: Write a story that uses the following

    • Minimum 3 sounds
    • Minimum 3 images
    • Minimum 1 loop
    • Start Button
    • Time for minimum of 5 seconds

      Be sure to time out your project I.E Sounds with images.  May use download or created sounds and images. Make sure your sounds and images are school appropriate.  

     Submission: Email Teacher Project File that includes Tutorial(s) Program and Assignment Program

    Assignment: Build Riley Robot  Riley Robot 
                          NOTE: Build Guide shows possible locations of sensors