Color Sensor

  • Unit Outline: Color Sensor

    Lab Report: Color Sensor 

    Riley Robot Build Instructions: Color Sensor Mount

    Reference Information Color Sensor: Be sure to keep the color sensor within 1/8-3/16 of inch.  
            Errors in Mounting
            Too Close: Does not allow enough time for the signal to go out from the sensor and come back
            Too Far: The Sensing area increases and the robot will sense more colors than originally intended. 
    Task: Add the Color Sensor to your Robot
    Attach a Color Sensor to your robot using one of two options
           Option 1:Follow the instruction manual listed below
           Option 2: Group may design their own mount to the robot.  

    Tutorial 1: Color Sensor Basics           
    Color Palette for Measures (Printouts on Teacher's Desk)

    Assignment 1: Multiple Line Stop 
              Write a program that will do the following
               Environment: Five pieces of tape will be laid out on a table/board 
                   - Use Touch Sensor to Start your robot
                   - User will have the robot start at one end and move the robot to each colored line and stop for 1 second
    Once the robot as move past all five taped lines the robot will reverse course and end up where it started at.

    Tutorial and Assignment 2:Color Sensor: Line Madness w/Variables         
    Adds on from Assignment 1.  Objective to Calculate the distance between black lines

    Program 2:  Line Madness with Variables
    Modify Tutorial 2’s code to do the following

    1. Move forward after the first line is sensed
    2. Move past all five lines from Program 1
    3. Reverse course and finish where you started
    4. Add a variables that will that will show how many rotations the robot took between each line. 
    5. Display all five outputs on the screen at one time. Provide a title for each line that is displayed

     I.E  Line 1=
           Line 2=
           Line 3=

    Tutorial 3: Color Sensor: Follow a Line: Using Variables 

    Program 3: Smooth Line Follow: Stop at the end of a Line
          - Modify Tutorial 3 to have the Robot move smoothly while following the line > See Board Located in Lab
          - Modify your Program to Make the Robot Stop if line is not in a complete loop. Test and explain your results.

    Assignment: Complete Lab Report

    Extra Credit: Programs: Don't Fall Off the Table

    Write a Program that will do the following

    1. Use Touch Sensor to Start your robot
    2. Design a program that will have the robot move around a table without falling off
      Use reverse and turns to check for the edge of the table.
    3. Robot must run and move around the table continuously for 10 seconds without falling off the table. (Table will be class table)

       Robot must sense a minimum of 3 Different Edges on the table


    Submission for All Programs

    1. Show Teacher or Shoot a Video > Share with Teacher of Final Run
    2.    Email Program Code to teacher
    3. Answer the following questions



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