Integrated Systems (Final Exam)

    Part 1: Project Challenge- 50%

    May use as many sensors as needed. Extra sensors/parts are available beyond what is in the core kit.  Ask Mr. Jourden for desired sensors/parts. 

    Option 1: Walking Robot

    Design a Robot that can Walk

    1. Design a robot that can walk from Point A to Point B
    2. Colored Tape Line will be provided
    3. Avoid Barrier(s)

    Option 2: Bowling Robot

     Design a Robot that can Bowl

    1. Start with a tennis ball loaded in the bowler (May use outside materials I.E Cardboard tube, paper, wood, etc)
    2. Drive along a line 
    3. Stop
    4. Turn to the Pins 
    5. Bowl
    6. Wheels must be behind the black line before bowling


    Option 3: Work Cell

    1. Group of 3
    2. Each robot performs a different task working with the other two robots.               For Example:
                     - Robot 1 Loads an object on Robot 2 > Robot 2  Moves to a point Drops Object > Robot 3 takes object back to the Robot 1
                     - Assembly: Robot 1 Holds a Piece > Robot 2 puts pieces into object Robot 1 holds > Robot 3 moves completed or partially completed assembly to another location

    Completed the Final Program.

      1. Show Teacher Final Solution
      2. Print and Attach a Printout of your program
      3. Write a minimum of ½ page describing how you solved the task and what challenges you ran into when working on this final program/build. This is individually written by each member of the group. 
      4. Video of final run.  May use camera on phone, teacher’s camera, other if needed


    Part 2: Reflection Paper- 40%

    Part 3: Robotic Kits Organzied- 10%


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