Architecture CADD


    Architecture Computer Aided Drafting and Design

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    Architecture Level 1: Archicad

    Architecture Level 2: Archicad

    Reference: Archicad Keyboard Shortcut List


    Architecture References


    Grades 9 – 12 • Semester Course • 1/2 Credit


    Prerequisite: Introduction to CADD


    Building on knowledge gained in the prerequisite class, advanced technical drawing will allow you to increase your knowledge and skills. You will learn drafting practices as they relate to the world of architecture.  Topics of study include: residential design, construction methods, blueprint reading, 3D design and model building. Architecture CADD may be taken multiple times for credit.

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    Architecture Level 2+: doc Bi-Weekly Reflection (DOC 28 KB)


    Architecture Level 1: SketchUp

    Architecture Level 2: SketchUp





















    Written Exam: 2021-2022 Test Booklet

    Practium: House Design Design/Layout Packet


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