Plot Plan/ House Placement FAQ Sheet

  • House Design FAQ Sheet

    Plot map - see attached

    Reference Website:  Conversion of Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds to Decima

    Reference Video: Plot Plan (Note Software is Sketchup. See Teacher for Archicad Details)

    Setbacks -

    Front yard = 25 feet

    Rear yard = 35 feet

    Side yards = one not less than 5 feet, the total of both not less than 16 feet

    Lot coverage = 25% maximum including building/garage foot print, covered porches, decks, etc.

    Driveway setback of no less than 2 feet, however 4 would be ideal

    Front or Rear: May not extend more than 12'-0" to the front or rear of the house and must be setback from the front/rear property line by 20'-0"

    Side Yards: May not extend more than 12'-0" to the side yards of the house and must be at least 7'-0" from the side property line  

    Square footage Finished - Max 2500 sq ft, 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms (1 being off the master), no fire place needed, 2 car garage

    Number of stories - 2 Story with a basement (Note must have an egress window:  Total area must be at least 5.7 Sq Ft. and no more than 44" from the floor of the basement floor.  See document below for various sizes.  Use casement window.  The window well should be at least 36" in radius from the center of the window out into the yard.  The Egress window well can only be 44" from ground level down. Use Wall tool (Curved) to create window well; make it 3/4" thick.  (NOTE Top of Egress Window may cut through the Rim Joist, but not the sub-floor. Reference: Egress Window Average Sizes )

       Note: Basement does not count against the finished Square Footage

    Contour Map - see attached, House: Finished floor rests min of 16” of Foundation Wall + Height of Floor Joists above ground level.

    Type of Windows: May vary, but preferred 1 style throughout the house (i.e. windows are all Double Hung) 

    Room Requirements

    3 Bedroom (2 Bedrooms and 1 Master Suite)

    2 Full Baths (1 in Master Suite)

    1 Living Space


    2 Car Garage Attached: Note garage rests min. 8”-16” below finished floor. Avg Garage Size 20'-0" x 20'-0" or 24'-0" x 24'-0". Top of Garage wall will be even with top houses exterior walls (this will make the garage walls taller)

    Exterior Doors: Minimum of 2 Exterior

    Basement stairs: Leave min: 3’-6” x 12’-3” Open space on floor plan to mark stairs