Gear Notes

  •  Powerpoint: Gears

    Assignment: Powerpoint Worksheet

    Assignment: Ratios

    Assignment: Ping Pong Ball Launch

    Goal: Launch a Ping Pong Ball as far as possible in the air.

    Design a launching mechanism with the following criteria

    Build a stationary robot that can launch a Ping Ping Ball as far as possible.  
    (NOTE: Robot can be on wheels, but motor(s) will not be activated to move the robot)
       a. Robot will have the following
             1. Access to place the ping pong ball in the launcher
             2. Minimum of 1 Touch Sensor to activate the launch  of the Ping Pong Ball.
                 NOTE: Touch Sensor does not need to be attached to the base of the robot; maybe attached with a long wire to keep hands away from
                             the launch area. 

             2. Minimum of 2 Gears to launch or load/reload the Ping Pong Ball
             3. Total Robot with accessories cannot exceed a max of 12" square area around the robot
             4.  ONLY EV3 Kit pieces maybe used and 1 EV3 Brick. (NOTE: more than 1 motor maybe used)
             5. No restrictions on how the Ping Pong Ball is held or launched
             6. Reset Arm Using your program to reset the arm to the starting position to reload and launch Ping Pong Ball (Launcher May not be Manually Reset)


    Optional: Add an attachment that can hold more than one Ping Pong Ball and auto load the launcher


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