AP World History

  • Welcome to Classroom News. Here you will find weekly information on the topics we will be covering each week in class as well as quiz/test reminders and project due date reminders.

    Week of Sept. 1st
    Tuesday and Wednesday were intro days to me, my classroom, and my expectations.

    Topic for Thursday and Friday:
    Early humans during the Paleolithic time period.

    Week of Sept. 8th
    Topic through Wednesday, the 10th:
    Domestication, how it leads to the Neolithic Revolution and the impact of the Neolithic Revolution on human society. Comparing Neolithic society to hunter/gatherer societies.

    Topic on Thursday and Friday:
    Early River Civilizations

    World Regions map quiz on Monday, Sept. 8th
    Chap. 1 quiz on Wednesday, Sept. 10th

    Week of Sept. 15th
    This week through Wednesday we will be discussing the ancient River Civilizations and looking at their similarities and differences. We will be reading primary and secondary sources that give us a more personal and in-depth look at these civilizations and timelining their reigns. We will hold a discussion comparing two of the biggest civilizations: Mesopotamia and Egypt.

    Thursday and Friday the students will be working on a World Religions project in the Media Center.

    Chap. 2 quiz on Thursday, Sept. 18th

    Week of Sept. 22nd
    This week will center completely on World Religions. Students will present the information they researched on their specific early religion or belief system. They will hold a Socratic seminar using documents from the major religions and belief systems. They will examine the reasons and impact of the spread of religion.

    Chap. 4 quiz on Friday, Sept. 26th

    Week of Sept. 29th
    This week students will be exploring the first empires, called the Classical Empires: Persia, Greece, China, Rome, and India. They will be comparing these empires and looking at key factors that lead to successful empires as well as what leads to their failure. At the end of the week we will start looking at the civilizations in the Americas and Africa appearing concurrently with the empires above. Some of these civilizations were highly advanced yet we know little about them. We will compare the cities of Teotihuacan and Athens to get a better perspective.

    Chap. 3 quiz on Thursday, Oct. 2nd

    Week of Oct. 6th
    Monday students will be learning about the Kingdom of Axum - a wealthy and powerful kingdom that traded with the Persians, Greeks, and Romans.

    Tuesday we will be reviewing for the Unit test which is on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday students will be taking the multiple choice part of the test. This will be 50 AP questions in a timed environment to mirror the AP conditions. On Thursday they will write a compare/contrast essay - again, a released AP prompt.

    Friday we will start examining the Silk Road as a premier network of exchange from early in the Common Era until approximately 1400 or 1500 C.E.

    Week of Oct. 13th
    This week students are being assigned a Silk Road project that will be due on Wed. 10/22. They are working with a partner and have chosen a trade good to travel on the Silk, Sand, or Sea routes.

    Wednesday and Thursday we will be taking notes on key aspects of the networks of exchange during this time period. We will examine not only goods, but geographic difficulties, religion, culture, and knowledge/ideas. Friday students will get an introduction to Islam.

    The Chapter 7 quiz is Thursday the 16th.

    Week of Oct. 20th
    This week we will work on finishing our Silk Road projects as well as finish the unit on Islam. We will discuss the rise of Islam as both a religion and as a political force as well.

    The Silk Road project is due on Wed. 10/22. Students need to share their online projects with me.

    The Chapter 9 quiz is on Friday, 10/24.

    Week of Oct. 27th
    This is the last week of the 1st Quarter. Quarterly exams take place on Thursday and Friday, 10/30 and 10/31.

    The first part of the week will be spent in finalizing the graphic organizer for their essay exam. We will also be starting notes on the Chinese Dynasties of Tang and Song.

    We will also be reviewing their first essay and looking over some key ideas from the first unit test.

    Thursday I see my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd hours. Friday I see my 4th and 5th hours. They will write their essay exam and do peer and self reviews.