Teaching Mission Statement

    My mission is to create a positive and safe learning environment where all of my students are inspired to learn and motivated to achieve their academic and personal goals. 
    My promise is to strive to put forth my best effort in the classroom each and every day so I am not only an example for my students to follow, but a leader – empowering those within my classroom with affective and content knowledge as well as a love for learning that will enable them to become educated citizens and lifelong learners.
    My perspective on social studies is that I have always loved the study of social sciences, including history, government, geography and economics, but I know that not everyone shares my passion of these subjects. Nevertheless, I believe that a working understanding of these subjects is extremely important in developing responsible citizens in a diverse and democratic society. Additionally, the value of social studies lies not just in what you learn, but how you learn it – because it requires an open mind and the ability to think critically! To help my students succeed, I strive to be organized, creative, provide relevant examples, and get students involved in their learning!