About Mrs. Clark

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    My name is Mrs. Robin Clark.  I have been teaching at Brighton High School for 17 years.  This year I am teaching Algebra II and AP Stats.  In the past I have taught Algebra I, Geometry, FST and Advanced Algebra Applications well.

    Mathematics is one of my passions.  I see all its applications in the real world, but it is not easy to communicate that to my students.  Someone else will do their taxes.  Someone else will do their landscaping.  Someone else will build their house.  And the bank keeps track of their checking account.  So I try to convince them that they will still need problem solving skills and that is part of what a math class gives them.  They do not always believe me.  I hope that they at least find it worth the effort in my class and that I can share some of my excitement.

    I have a Bachelor of Science in Education from Central Michigan University and a Master in the Art of Teaching from Marygrove College.  In addition, I plan to utilize online materials to help further develop my lessons.  I understand that not all of my students will have access, so we will work with this fact on an as needed basis.

    On a more personal level -

    My father spent 27 years in the United States Army. I spent the first 15 years of my life on one base or another. I can still identify many military helicopters by hearing them rather than seeing them.

    My husband, Syam, and I have been married for 19 years.  My husband is from Malaysia (South East Asia).  We have four children.  Amir is 19, Marianna is 17, Marissa is 13 and Azril is 10.

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