Enrollment: Grades 9-12

  • Please direct your questions to:

    Brighton High School - Counseling Office 
    Mrs. Oseland - oselandk@brightonk12.com

    Office (810) 299-4151 and Fax (810) 299-4160

    Enrollment can only be accepted from a Parent/Legal Guardian of a student. To begin this process: 

    To complete the process ...  Additional forms may be required pending your unique situation. Once your information has been reviewed, the Counseling Office will be in touch to confirm the status of the enrollment for your student. If you are not able to upload your documents, please contact Mrs. Oseland for an alternate submission method.

    2022-23  Enrollment responses from the Counseling Office are not immediate. We appreciate your patience and assure you that your entry will be reviewed and a response back to you in a reasonable time frame. To help expedite this process, please make sure all required documents have been uploaded including the Prior Behavior/Discipline Affidavit - which needs to be verified by the previous school(s)/district(s) on the bottom of the form. 

    Acceptance for enrollment shall not be granted or refused based upon religion, race, color, national origin, sex, weight, marital status or athletic ability.