• Process for qualifying for Academic Enrichment

    The following data was considered when determining program placement:

    • Academic ability: Measured by the nationally normed universal screener that is administered three times per year.
    • Achievement: Meeting classroom academic expectations.
    • Independent Learning: Behavioral characteristics of learning, including: problem-solving, responsibility, and motivation.

    1st Identifier

    Academic skill level was based on the district's universal screeners. All students were given nationally-normed tests three times a year so all students had an opportunity to qualify for the program. To qualify, students must have had a composite score of the national norm in the 75th percentile in mathematics and 90th percentile in ELA.

    2nd Identifier

    Learning behavior level was based on demonstrated independence in learning, collaboration skills, work ethic and responsiblity in the core classroom using the District's report card and standards-based grading scale.

    3rd Identifier

    The highest achieving students who had met criteria in identifiers 1 and 2 were invited into the program.


    Participation in the program throughout the year is contingent on continued demonstration of collaborative and independent learning behaviors and academic progress in the classroom and in the program.