• Announcement: Challis Road Closure

    Posted by Gregory Gray on 3/22/2018

    Dear parents,

    We received word yesterday that beginning Monday, April 2nd Challis Road will be receiving significant work and could cause traffic route issues for some of you.  I have attached to this email a letter detailing the work and recommended alternate routes you should take.  I just wanted to be sure you had this in time to make alternate plans if this affects your drop off or pick up routes to and from school.  We are making adjustments to our busing routes, especially for Maltby and Hornung, as those will be the schools most affected.  The transportation department, specifically your drivers, will be passing out information either today or tomorrow informing you of possible delays related to pick up, drop off, or both.  As with the Main Street railroad tracks, or Pleasant Valley overpass issues from earlier this year, we will make the necessary adjustments and do everything we can to get students to and from school as close to normal times as possible while keeping safety as our number one priority.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

    Gregory Gray Ph.D.
    BAS Superintendent
    Office 810-299-4041
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  • Announcement: Cold Weather

    Posted by Gregory Gray on 1/3/2018

    Dear Parents,

    With the recent cold snap we tend to get some questions related to what the standard is for cancelling school related to cold temperatures. The district and countywide standard is a sustained -20 degrees. This can be temperature alone -- which rarely happens -- or the windchill, which is typically the scenario that affects school being open. For example, this morning it was 2 degrees with about an 8 mph wind pushing the "real feel" outside to -12 degrees. You can find a conversion tool for calculating this temperature by google searching "windchill calculator".  We discuss temperatures beginning at 4:00 A.M. watching the predictions for when children will be standing at the bus stop. At the same time, we are in the process of getting our busses started and making sure that the buildings are warm. While Thursday morning does not look like it will break the -20 degree threshold, Friday could be a different story. Please keep your phones, email, and televisions accessible for the next two days in case we reach cold enough temperatures to cancel. If there is a scenario where we have to close we try to do it as early as possible so you can make plans. As always, student safety is our number one priority so we  take this decision very seriously. Again, at this point, it appears that only Friday may break the barrier, but we will continue to monitor the temperatures and communicate the status of school. Have a great evening.
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