• Assignment: Build Riley Robot  Riley Robot 
                          NOTE: Build Guide shows possible locations of sensors.  This section will not need any sensors.

    The Large Motors are designed to move parts of a robot. We will be using them to power our wheels. However, the motors could be used to move a robotic arm, create a rotating structure (I.E Radar Station), etc. 

    Outline: Steering Motors Outline 


    Tutorial(s): Large Motor Tank and Steering Command

    Steering Command: Applies the same amount of power to both motors; creating a movement that is linear in nature. Print Copy of Tutorial staple to lab report (Write Tutorial on printout)

    Tank Command: User can assign a different amount of power to each of the motors; creating a movement that is like a tracked vehicle.  The vehicle can create sharper turns than that of the steering command. Print Copy of Tutorial to turn in staple to lab report (Write Tutorial on printout)

    Lab Report and Assignments: Large Motors Steering Commands 

    Program 1: Line Follow

    Select Project Make It Move > Tab Tank Assignment

    Write a Program that will follow the black taped line, keeping your robot centered on the line between the front forks, provided by the teacher. Have your Robot stop at the end of the tape.  Use any combination of Steering and Tank Commands        

    Submission for Programs

    Email the following to jourdem@brightonk12.com

    1. EV3 Labview Code
    2. Video Showing the Robot Completing the Tasks
    3. Answer the following questions on Lab Report
    4. What type of Movement (s) commands did you use to follow the line?
      1. How many movements did you need to incorporate in your program?
      2. How long did it take for your robot to complete the course?
      3. How did you figure out how to keep your robot closest to the line
      4. Did you robot stray off the course? If Yes How did you correct it?

    Reference Video: Line Follow Example 

    Program 2: Picture Draw

    1. Select Project Make It Move > Tab Tank Assignment
    2. Design a holder with the Medium Motor to your robot that will hold a predefined marker
    3. Draw a picture that uses a minimum of 8 lines/arcs. Be sure the image is school appropriate.
    4. Marker Must be Picked up and Replaced minimum of 1 time

    Submission for Lab

    Email/Share Google Drive
    - Shoot a Video of Program
    - Email Code