• Unit Outline
    Tutorial: Touch Sensor
    Assignment: Lab Report
    Assignment: I am Stuck
    Speed Range: -25 to 25
    1. Setup a Start Button to run the program: Maybe a button on the EV3 Brick
    2. Modify the robot to include a touch sensor (s). Consider the following
        - Placement of touch sensor (s) or attachments in relation to Robot (Wheels, Brick, etc.)
        - May modify the robot as needed
        - May add more than 1 Touch Sensor
    3. Move around an obstacle (wood block(s)) making adjustments as needed using Steering or Tank movements. NOTE: Blocks will be in one continuous parallel line or 90 Degree Corners.  (Think of an S Shape Maze)
    4. Consider the following
       - After backing up how far to back up
       - Turning left or right how far should the robot move (Keep moving the same way once choice of Left or Right is made)
       - Sensing the wall
       - Speed of Robot Driving up to the wall. 
       - What if half of the robot senses the wall and the other half does not.
    5. Obstacle is Sensed the Robot will
       - Stop
       - Make the Noise File:Detected sound from the EV3 Brick
       - Display Image: NO GO image on the screen that the robot has found an obstacle
          - Reverse course
          - Turn Off sound and Remove image from screen (May add another sound or image for all clear of obstacles)
          - Make the Turn (Right or Left) to shift robot over to see if barrier is in front
          - Pause before moving forward
          - Stop robot after exiting the it does not sense an obstacle for 4 seconds. Use variable setting to stop the robot.
          - Play a sound that shows success or completion and place a message in the center of the screen that says COMPLETE
    6. Robot May NOT make contact with the walls except for the Touch Sensor or attachment to the front of the sensor. 
         - Includes Wires, Wheels, Frame, etc.
         - Knock over any of the wall segments