• Tutorial: Ultrasonic

    Lab Report: Ultrasonic

    Program 1: Reverse

    Objective: Control the distance of backing up based on the Size of the Tire and the Ultrasonic Distance (Threshold) to Barrier

    Task 1: Add a Touch Sensor as your starting switch.  Meaning, when you download the program, the robot will not run until the touch sensor is pressed. Use a Wait Statement set to Touch Sensor when Pressed at the beginning of the program

    Task 2: Distance for Reverse: Modify the Tutorial by adding a Mathematical statement that has the program double the threshold distance and then converts that distance into rotations (Hint: 2xThreshold distance / circumference of the wheel) of the wheel moving the robot in reverse this calculated value and then stops the robot (HINT: Stopping: Adjust Loop Statement from Unlimited to Ultrasonic Sensor). Test at least 3 thresholds (Each threshold must be measured at least three times) and measure the distance (Choose your Units) between the robot ultrasonic sensor and the barrier (Mark your units). To find distance value, display the final distance on the Bricks Screen.

    Choose 3 Different Thresholds and test each 3 times.  Write results down in Lab Report

    NOTE: Threshold Distances must be a minimum of 5 units apart.

    Task 3: After Reverse, have the robot turn right 90 degrees > Wait > Sense > Movement after sensing (see below) > Robot will move in one of two directions

    Forward until another obstacle is sensed and then stop.

    Opposite movement If the sensor sees an obstacle less than 3 inches away; turn 180 degrees (front of robot pointing opposite, of start direction) (NOTE: Turning radius must be as close to 0 and possible) move forward for 2 seconds at the power of 25 then stop

    Program 2: Arena

    Task 1: Touch Sensor to Start Robot

    Task 2:  Mount your Touch and Ultrasonic Sensor where you would like.

    Task 3: Program a Clockwise motion around the Arena

     Robot should not come closer than 2 inches of any wall from the front of the robot including the wheels and sensors. NOTE: No part of the robot should touch any walls including tires, wires, brick, etc.

    Complete 3 Laps around the Arena > Stopping the Robot at the original start point and orientation (Stop the robot in the direction it as originally set in)

     Task 4: Display ultrasonic data distances at the dead center of the brick (NOTE: Will have to find x and y coordinates for this).