• Worksheet:Bi-Weekly Reflection Worksheet

    Semester Design Project: House Details
                    Reference: Kitchen and Garage Area Planning

    Assignment Submissions:
           Screenshot Images Email screenshot to teacher
           Printout Assignment on B-Size Paper > Scale set to Fit to Page

    Assignment 1: Archicad File Setup and Plot Plan Design
    Choose a Plot Plan from the following Neighborhood: Handout: Plot Plan  

    Assignment 2: Create Outline of 1st and 2nd Floors

    Set the Stories Heights
    Place 2nd Floor Outline on 2nd Story
    Structure Sizes and Stories
    Roof: 20' to Peak
    2nd Story: 2nd Floor Wall Height: 8'-0"
    1st-2nd Floor Joist Height: 2" x 10"
    1st Story: 1st Floor Wall Height: 9'-0"
    1st-Basement Floor Joist Height: 2" x 10"
    Basement from Bottom of Beam to Top of Floor: 8'-0"; Project 0 = -15'-0"

    Assignment 3: Place Interior and Exterior Walls
          Walls = 6" Thick
          NOTE: Exterior Walls: Make the walls on the 1st Story with a height that will stretch to the roof

    Assignment 4: Window and Doors

    1. Place doors and windows too common sizes
    2. Place Window and Door Labels
    3. Create Window and Door Schedule in Excel or Google Sheets

    Assignment 5: Dimension
          Dimension Door, Window and Wall Locations for both Floors

    Assignment 6: Kitchen and Bath

    Mid-Term Layout (See Reference Link: Layout Sheets)

           D-Size: Architecture   
     Layout: Sheet Setup and View Placement  
                  NOTE: Ext Elevations: Set Elements (Siding, Shingling, Etc.): Select Exterior Elevation Tool > Select Settings > Model Display Tab > Fade Distanct Object = UnChecked

    Reference Links

    Design Setup
    Plot Plan Setup
    Layer Combinations and Layers
    Layout Sheets
    Foundation and Stair Information
      Reference Textbook: Architecture Book: Chapter 23
           - Symbols: Page 484
           - Sample Floor Plan: Page 489 
      Layer Combination: Electrical

           - Layers: Exterior/Interior Walls, Kitchen/Bath, Room Labels (NO DIMENSIONS or INTERIOR ELEVATION MARKERS), STAIRS
    3D Rendering
    3D Walk Thru Tutorial