• Technology Innovation Grant (TIG)

    Process and Purpose

    The purpose of this internal grant program is to encourage excellence and innovation in teaching and learning through the integration of technology. Educators are required to write a proposal, implement the ideas in the proposal, give some indication that the idea improved (or failed to improve) learning and/or teaching in Brighton Area Schools, and report out to peers and the BAS Board of Education.

    Grants can be either ‘large’ (not to exceed $5,000) or ‘small’ (not to exceed $1,000). Each year's allottment will be $25,000, broken down into 4 large grants and 5 small grants). The money can be spent on any combination of technology, travel, and/or training.

    A grant review committee will be comprised of the following: BAS Parent, BAS Administrator, BAS Teacher, BAS Student, and BAS Board Member. The decisions of the review committee are considered final, but applicants are strongly encouraged to re-apply during subsequent years, should they feel that their proposal continues to have strong merit (and should the grant program be continued). Grant recipients are asked to record some form of documentation during the grant project that demonstrates the ideas in the proposal improve teaching and/or learning. Grant recipients will be asked to report on their approach and results to both a peer group outside of their own school (for grades K-8) or outside of their own department (for grades 9-12). Finally, grant recipients will be asked to give a brief summary (<5 minutes) to the BAS Board of Education. Final payment of funding will be dependent upon these final steps of dissemination of knowledge.

    We encourage grant proposals to be well considered and written in advance of this application process, and each response to the enclosed criteria below should adhere to a 500 word maximum length. Preference will be given to applicants who are not previous grant recipients, and there is a one proposal per teacher limit.

    Grant Application Timeline

    • March: TIG grant announcement is made for subsequent academic year
    • April: Committee is formed to review grants, all grants are due from BAS educators
    • May: Committee meets and has initial discussion about grants
    • June: Final decisions made about successful grants
    • July: Equipment is purchased
    • August: Distribute all equipment to grantees.

    Grant Completion Timeline

    • April, May, June: Each grant recipient presents highlights at a BAS board meeting

    In the works

    We will be constructing a forum where educators share their 'best practices' findings with their BAS peers.