U.S. History

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    This course is designed for small group instruction of struggling readers that require explicit instruction and specialized learning strategies.  Students are encouraged to develop a ‘growth mindset’ and take ever-increasing responsibility for their own learning. Classes will address state objectives in U.S. History (1800-1900) taken from the Essential Elements (modified Common Core Objectives) monthly.  We will cover units including The Revolution, the New Nation and the Constitution, the Civil War and Reconstruction, Reform Movements and Immigration, Economics, and Westward Expansion. Additional units include Our Community and Survival Words for students taking the Supported Independence or Participation level MI Access tests. A Study Guide and Quizlet wil be sent home on the firsty day of each unit with a tentative unit test date.  Interactve notebooks and formative assessments will also be sent home for study prior to the final test.

    We will begin Q-1 with a study of Geography including a world map (comtinents and oceans) and U.S.A. map (states, land features, regional characteristics).  In Oct, we will begin lessons on COre Democratic Values and the 3 branches of government. 

    Sept. 11 will include lessons designed to celebrate Patriots Day.

    Geography Study Guide              Tentative Date for Unit Test: early Nov.


    Map- shows the earth in 2 -dimensional illustration (flat); not accurate in size, shape or distance but more portable

    Globe- shows the Earth as a 3-dimentional sphere, is accurate and shows global perspective; shows tilt of Earth on its axis

    Hemisphere- any circle drawn around the earth dividing it in half- The Earth has a north, south, eastern and western hemisphere

    Equator- line drawn around the Earth that divides it into the northern and southern hemispheres

    Prime Meridian- line drawn around the Earth that divides it into eastern and western hemispheres

    North/South Poles- the points farthest north and south on the Earth on its axis

    Axis- invisible line that runs through the earth from top to bottom and tilts the planet- causes seasons

    Directions- Cardinal: north, south, east, west; Intermediate: northeast, south east, south west, northwest

    Compass rose- a tool that shows cardinal and intermediate directions on a map

    Longitude- lines dividing the Earth east and west from Prime Meridian, measured in degrees

    Latitude- lines dividing the Earth north and south from equator, measured in degrees

    Continent- largest land mass

    Ocean- largest bodies of water

    Country- a nation or area of land that is politically controlled by one government

    State- An area organized into a political unit and ruled by an established government with control over its internal and foreign affairs.  The United States has 50 states.

    State Capital- the city where the government for that state is located. The capital city of Michigan is Lansing.  The Largest city in Michigan is Detroit.


    -Be able to identify/label the following on a world map.

     7 continents, 5 oceans

    Also:   Great Britain,  France, Spain, Germany and Russia, Mexico, Canada

    -Be able to label 8 directions on a compass rose.


    -Be able to record on a map of the United States:

    The 5 Great Lakes

    Northeast region- contains the Appalachian Mts.

    Southeast region- contains Florida and is very hot

    Midwest region- contains Michigan and the Great Lakes

    Southwest region- contains Texas and has deserts

    Northwest region- contains the state of Washington and volcanoes

    Rocky Mts., Appalachian Mts.

    Mississippi River

    Great Plains

    Michigan, New York, Florida, Texas, California, Washington

    Detroit, Lansing, Washington D.C.