DI Dabbers 2018

Destination Imagination "DI Dabbers" Team

  • The Hornung and Maltby DI Dabbers Destination Imagination team participated in the 2018 Global Destination Imagination Finals at the University of Tennessee (Knoxville, TN). Over 8,000 students from 19 countries and 45 states competed in 6 different challenges. The DI Dabbers competed in the Inside Impact challenge with 77 teams, all of which created a service learning project to impact the lives of others. For their service learning project, the BAS team held a drive in February to provide the homeless population in Ann Arbor with care package bags.

    The team earned the opportunity to compete at the Global Finals after placing 1st at the State Tournament in April. The team placed 37th, and represented the district and the US very well.Team members included Katelyn Bond, Frankie Foltyn, McKenzie Foltyn, Colter Kashian, Pierce Pettengill, Bella Pipesh, and Drew Smith.  The team managers were Alison and TJ Smith.

    Along with competing, the team participated in Innovation Expo exhibits from NASA, the International Space Station, Computer Coding, Drone Flying, science experiments, etc. They went to the International Block Party, as well as a creative costume ball. In addition, they participated in  the Ultimate STEAM Fest where they were challenged to make a Keva Plank Tower and Bridge with another group of children from Indiana, Guatemala, and China.

    “The true awesomeness of the Global Final experience is the connections with children and adults from all around the world. The DI Dabbers regularly interacted with kids from Turkey, Guatemala, and Colombia, as they shared our hotel, and they also had a buddy team from San Roberto International School in Monterrey, Mexico. The kids traded pins, had conversations with people in all different countries, shared songs,  and were able to learn about different cultures each day from sharing the Global Finals experience with them.” Jennifer Bond, parent and Brighton DI Coordinator.