• In 2017-2018 BAS expanded our FIRST Lego League across all elementary schools and Maltby Intermediate School. FIRST Lego League is the official feeder program for FIRST Robotics and offers a STEM journey for students in 1st though 6th grades. In May, BAS hosted the premiere FIRST Lego League competition, BRIGHT 'N BRILLIANT, at Maltby Intermediate School. School Board trustee, Mr. John Conely and members of the BHS TechnoDogs provided the keynote address and demonstration to start the day. The students and Mr. Conely encouraged all of the team members to continue building their interest in robotics and design. They emphasized that these young engineers are the future.
    This year's challenge was all about water. 1st-3rd grade teams (Junior teams) were challenged with researching a problem for how they use water, water’s journey, and how to improve a part of the journey.  The Junior teams made a team Lego model to show their idea that had a moving part that they programmed using WeDo software. Each team presented their project to judges and were given awards.

    The fourth-grade teams moved up to robot games this year. In addition to completing a water related research project, they had to build a robot and problem solve how to complete different missions with this robot. They competed in three robot game rounds against other teams from around Michigan. Additionally, they presented their research project, robot design, and knowledge of FIRST Lego Core Values to a panel of judges. Four of Brighton's teams received a team trophy award.

    BAS FIRST LEGO League is coordinated by Mrs. Diane Schandevel. To learn more about the program, contact Diane at