• Design a Robot to do the following

    Objective: Create a robot that will navigate a predefined course and is able to deliver a tennis ball at 6 Bowling Pins 

    1. Place Robot in starting area

    2. Use Touch Sensor to start the program

    3. Navigate using any of the three sensors (Touch, Ultrasonic, Color) the course

    4. DO NOT MAKE CONTACT with any of the Walls

    5. Stop at Predefined Tape

    6. May Adjust Robot as Needed Once Stopped

    7. Make a Sound when the ball is released

    8. After tennis ball has been bowled.  Operator will use a Touch Sensor to Record Number of Pins Knocked Down

    9. Display

    a. Display # of Pins Knocked Down = (Display #Pins;Number of times Touch Sensor was pressed)

    10. Make a Sound  and Image If

    a. Strike

    b. Left Pins Standing