Norbert as a Baby Dragon

Norbert as a baby.

Meet Norbert, our Classroom Pet!

  • Norbert started coming with Mrs. Worthing to Maltby 4 years ago, and he LOVES 6th grade.  He's lived with Mrs. Worthing and her family since November, 2014, so he's about 9 years old.  A couple years ago, we decided he was old enough to start going to school.  He's really excited to be returning to the classroom this year.  He misses all the attention and love he gets from 6th graders when he is home all summer. 

    Norbert eats mostly greens with veggies or fruit mixed in for flavor, but every couple of weeks we'll give him some protein, usually crickets, waxworms, or superworms.  If you ever want to bring Norbert a treat from home, reference this list to see what it is safe for him to eat.  Please ask Mrs. Worthing before feeding him anything.