• Please use the forms on this web page to report your address/information changes.  We appreciate your efforts in keeping our information current.

    • Change of Address Form - Submit to your student's building along with all necessary supporting documents to ensure the new information is updated in our system. New proof of residency documents will be required and should be submitted with the form.

    The list of required Proof of Residency documents has recently been updated.  Three documents are now needed, options are listed on the Change of Address form for you.  

    If the new address is located outside of the Brighton Area Schools boundary, you will also need to include a School of Choice Application to go along with your Address Change information. If you are unsure, please check with your township/city office to find out the school district for your new residence.

     Additional forms that may be applicable to your address change

    If you are in a shared household situation, you will also need, for your proof of residency, the Shared Household Affidavit form - which can be found here. Additional instructions are included with the form for you. 

    All change of address documents and information should be submitted directly to the office of the building your child attends for processing.