• 2020-2021 Brighton Virtual Academy (BVA)
    Contact Information:

    Jamie Dingus - Enrollment Support
    Phone: 734-751-3666

    Email: Dingusj@brightonk12.com

    Maureen Strachan - BVA Director for Grades JK-4
    Email: strachm@brightonk12.com

    Henry Vecchioni - BVA Director for Grades 5-8
    Email: vecchih@brightonk12.com

    Brighton Area Schools offers Brighton Virtual Acadamy, a school-from-home option, for students to achieve their learning goals through online opportunities.

    Highly qualified teachers and teacher mentors deliver dynamic instruction and support based on the curriculum taught in real-time and virtually.  Daily communication supports students in meeting their goals.  Our school-from-home option is tuition-free, and students are provided Brighton customized curriculum.  Graduates earn a high school diploma from Brighton Area Schools. 


    • Personalized teaching in small group settings in the comfort of homes, or anywhere there is online access.
    • Developing student and teacher relationships to increase engagement, motivation, academic progress, and social-emotional growth will be a high priority.
    • Teachers will have high expectations for every student and their individual learning needs.
    • Students will engage daily with teachers in both live and recorded instruction.
    • Flexible schedules to meet students’ needs.
    • Engaging instructors and curriculum.
    • A curriculum that meets the Michigan Merit Curriculum standards.
    • Courses align with NCAA eligibility requirements.
    • Courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Families have access to progress reports throughout the year.


    • Grades JK-6 can be found here.
    • Grades 7-8 can be found here.
    • Grades 9-12 can be found here

      The google link to upload documents is now INACTIVE (9/1/20).  If you have any BVA documents to submit, please email them directly to: 

       Grades JK-4:  strachm@brightonk12.com
       Grades 5-8:    vecchionisfs@gmail.com


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