• The Classroom

    The Monkey Room is part of the 3 hour preschool enrichment program. The Monkey Room offers 2 classes for 3 year olds; MWF AM and T/TH AM.  The children in this classroom must have turned 3 by October 1st and must be completely potty-trained. 
    The Two-Day Program is a great introduction for your child into a classroom environment.  This 3 hour program focuses on creating a positive first school experience, establishing the self-confidence in the child to separate from parents and enjoy the independence of school.  Children participate in a variety of large and small group experiences to develop physical skills and basic math and literacy concepts.
    The Three-Day Program offers a 3 hour session to give the young learner a longer period of time to engage in educational experiences.  A focus of this classroom is the development of friendship skills, self-confidence and individuality with more opportunities to acquire and use basic math and literacy skills.