What are we doing in PE today?

  • Hello, if you have not had a chance to check our our new Gym you need to.  It is fantastic!  We are very lucky to have this facility.
    Grades 3-4:  We are in our Football unit right now.  We have finished Skills and Drills for the unit and are now playing Razzle-Dazzle/Air Force Football.

    Grades 1-2:  We just finished our Skill work for Football and have been doing Cup Stacking this week.  We will be starting Soccer Skills and Drills next week.  We will be playing Soccer through the month of October.

    One of our students at Hawkins Dakota Lowe has did some research over the summer on the Food Pyramid and eating well.   She shared a link with me to the Food Pyramid.  If you get a chance check it out below.