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     Providing Verbal Public Comment

    The public will be given the opportunity to speak during the Public Comment portion of the meeting, or when the President opens the Agenda Item for Public Comment.

    1. The President will announce the opening of Call to the Public.

    2. To virtually “raise your hand,” click “Participants” in the Zoom control box and select “Raise Hand” in the grey box on the bottom of the participants box.

    3. A Trustee will call on each person by name or ID as shown on the screen, in the order that their hands were raised, to the best of his ability.

    4. A Trustee will unmute your mic to speak and “lower your hand.” Please wait for a prompt indicating that your audio is unmuted, before speaking.

    5. When it’s your turn to speak, clearly state your name and address for the record. All speakers will be limited to three minutes to provide comments.

    If participants have meeting participation questions, or do not have the necessary technology access, please contact BAS Director of Technology Nick Casteel (casteej@brightonk12.com) for accommodation.


    Meeting 1-25-21

    Meeting  2-8-21

    Meeting 2-15-21

    Meeting 3-8-21

    Meeting 4-26-21

    Meeting 5-10-21

    Meeting 5-25-21

    Meeting 6-14

    Meeting 6-28